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Toms Line Delay Pedal

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Whether its 50ms or 400ms this mini Delay does it. True Bypass and lots of control to get the Delay you desire.Plug in the 9v and go..
AC/DC Adapter Jack
By using an AC adapter, you can play without being concerned about how much battery power you have left.

  • Use only the specified AC adapter, and connect it to an AC outlet of the correct voltage.

Time knob
This knob adjusts the delay time. It allows to finely adjust the delay time from xxms to 400ms. Turning this knob clockwise increases the delay time, and counterclockwise decreases it.

Out jack
Connect this jack to your amp or to the input of another effect pedal.

Pedal Switch
This switch turns the effect ON/OFF.

This indicator shows whether the effect is ON or OFF. When the effect is ON, the indicator lights.

Feedback knob
This knob decides how many times the delay sound is to be repeated. Turning this knob clockwise increases the number of repetition of delay sound, and turning this knob fully counterclockwise produces single delay sound.

Effect Level knob
This knob controls the output level of the delay sound. Turning this knob clockwise increases the level of the delay sound. With this knob turned fully counterclockwise, the output level of the delay sound is equivalent to that of the original sound. Also when this knob is turned fully counterclockwise, only the original sound is output.

In Jack
This jack accepts signals from a guitar or other musical instruments, or another effect pedals.

Precautions When Connecting

  • To prevent malfunction and/or damage to speakers or other devices, always turn down the volume, and turn off the power on all devices before making any connections.
  • Some connection cables contain resistors. Do not use cables that incorporate resistors for connecting to this pedal. The use of such cables can cause the sound level to be extremely low, or impossible to hear. For information on cable specifications, contact the manufacturer of the cable.
  • If you will be using the pedal for an extended time, use of an AC adapter is recommended. If you prefer to use a battery, we recommend an alkaline battery.
  • Raise the amp volume only after turning on the power to all connected devices.
  • Once the connections have been completed, turn on power to your various devices in the order specified. By turning on devices in the wrong order, you risk causing malfunction and/or damage to speakers and other devices.
    When powering up: Turn on the power to your guitar amp last.
    When powering down: Turn off the power to your guitar amp first.
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