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Ukulele Accessories

A Padded Carry Bag with zip side and Shoulder Straps In Black this size fits the Soprano Ukuleles.
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THE PRO MINI Pro-mini shares all the same superior qualities of our Pro-G and Ecco-G. It’s constructed from African Sapele, is very compact in size, and supports many types of smaller instruments or devices. It is uniquely designed to hold ukulele, violin, mandolin or even your Ipad. Our Pro-Mini is an excellent choice for any musician. 1. Inert silicon pads at contact points 2. Closed cell neoprene padding at exposed areas 3. Hard neoprene in support areas 4. African Sapele construction 5. Comes in black velveteen bag 6. Measures 5 3/4" x 3" x 1 1/4"
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The Latest Belcat Amplifier for the Ukulele Player,Battery Powered (Supplied) but with an Adapter socket to take a 9v supply. NOTE:PICTURE SHOWS GREEN and CHECK this code is for BLACK. The Back Panel has a standard (6.3mm) socket for the Uke an MP3 (3.5mm)socket and a Headphone (3.5mm) socket.As well as the 9v Centre -ve adapter socket mentioned above
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A complete under saddle Pick-up wth Slide Control for Bass and Treble with a Seperate Volume knob.A Chromatic onboard Tuner is also part of this to Electrify any Ukulele.
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